I Simpósio de Comportamento de Herbicidas no Ambiente


Weed management is one of the main challenges facing farmers and can cause a total loss in crop production. Herbicides are one of the most widely used groups of pesticides worldwide for weed control. Currently, with the problems related to biotype resistance and environmental contamination through the incorrect use of herbicides, there is concern about the sustainability of the agricultural system.  Several lines of research have been engaged in the area of understanding the behavior and fate of herbicides, aiming to better understand the transport, transformation and retention of this product in the environment, in the quest to predict and avoid environmental risk, capable of interfering with the behavior of fauna and flora. However, events that seek to disseminate knowledge of these research results are scarce in Brazil. The Brazilian Weed Society organizes several events related to weed control, but a symposium aimed at understanding the fate of herbicides in the environment and their impact on non-target organisms is unprecedented. For this reason, the aim of the 1st Symposium on the Behavior of Herbicides in the Environment is to disseminate knowledge and help train trained agronomists and technicians who seek to understand the behavioral dynamics of herbicides, which is of great importance for promoting more economical and sustainable Brazilian agriculture.


  • 04 de Dezembro de 2023, 08h. a 05 de Dezembro de 2023, 18h.
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  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Environment
  • Vacancy: 100

    Vacancies filled: 25

    Remaining vacancies: 75

    Público alvo: This is a nationwide event aimed at professionals in the agricultural sector, undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, researchers, extension workers, technical consultants, related professionals and other interested parties.

    Place: Auditório do departamento de Agronomia da Universidade Federal de Viçosa- Campus Viçosa-MG


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