International Forage & Turf Breeding Conference 2024


We are thrilled to announce the 2nd edition of the International Forage & Turf Breeding Conference - IFTBC 2024 in Brasilia, Brazil, from October 16-18, 2024!


Join us for three days of inspiring discussions and the latest updates and innovations on forage and turf breeding.


This will be the second edition of the joint conference which brings together forage and turf breeding scientists from around the world for a unique opportunity to share research results, ideas, recent developments, and plans for the application of conventional and modern technologies for cultivar development.


IFTBC 2024 builds upon the foundations laid by the global forage and turf breeding community, bringing the Molecular Breeding of Forage and Turf Symposium to Brazil for the first time and the International Symposium of Forage Breeding back to its home country. 


Embrapa, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, will host IFTBC 2024, with a local committee including Research Scientists Allan Ramos (Embrapa Cerrados), Claudio Karia (Embrapa Cerrados), Gustavo Braga (Embrapa Cerrados), Marcelo Ayres Carvalho (Embrapa Cerrados), and Marco Pessoa-Filho (Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology).


  • 16 de Outubro de 2024, 08h. a 18 de Outubro de 2024, 18h.
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  • Biological Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Vacancy: 280

    Vacancies filled: 28

    Remaining vacancies: 252

    Público alvo: Undergraduate and graduate students from national and international educational and research institutions; Geneticists, breeders of forage species, turfgrasses, cover crops, and bioenergy crops; Public and private sector professionals in forage science, pasture management, physiology, entomology, and phytopathology of forage, turfgrass, cover crops, and bioenergy crops; Companies involved in cultivar development and production and marketing of forage seeds.

    Place: Auditório Irineu Cabral, Embrapa Sede, Brasília - DF, Brasil


    registrations until: 01 de Outubro de 2024
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