X Conferencia internacional sobre estudos e pesquisas de gastronomia e turismo: reunião anual do grupo temático de gastronomia da Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research (ATLAS)


This event seeks to discuss the topic of gastronomy and its cultural interfaces, challenges and trends in contemporary times, Placemaking and Creative Economy with a focus on gastronomy and public policies to promote the activity. This edition will bring together a meeting of the gastronomy group of the Association for Tourism Leisure Education and Research (ATLAS), with a global scope, in order to facilitate the resumption of its face-to-face activities, as well as insert transmission and dissemination as an innovation. , simultaneously and/or a posteriori, of these activities on social networks on the internet, expanding the reach to different audiences, both Portuguese-speaking and English and Spanish-speaking.

The 2021 edition, organized by the University of Girona, set out to discuss what changes occurred in relation to food and tourism due to the pandemic. Which of these changes are transitory? Which of these changes will remain? In this unstable context, research into changes and challenges is more necessary than ever. Thus, the main issue was to rethink the business model in the gastronomic tourism sector, gastronomic festivals and events, agritourism, etc., through 5 different perspectives: management, marketing, hygiene, social commitment and cultural heritage.

In 2023, the ATLAS Gastronomy Meeting – Tradition and Innovation in Gastronomy was held in Sibiu, Romania, where the same theme of gastronomy, innovation, heritage and also creative tourism continued to be discussed, in a post-pandemic context .

Through this event, there will be a great exchange of researchers from Brazil and around the world, providing free debate of ideas, learning based on the exchange of knowledge, quality scientific dissemination, the coordination of strategic and educational actions for the consolidation of the area of Gastronomy, as well as the emerging field of knowledge in Creative Economy and Public Policies, with an emphasis on postgraduate studies. Furthermore, there will be a significant insertion of ATLAS members in the international scenario, in terms of possibilities for agreements, interinstitutional projects and strengthening of the UNESCO Cathedral network, since this event will promote institutional benefits and visibility for researchers and postgraduate programs -graduation from the Cathedral network, especially those in the fields of Tourism and related areas.


  • 16 de Outubro de 2024, 07h. a 18 de Outubro de 2024, 18h.
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    Place: Centro de Artes e Convenções da Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Ouro Preto,MG


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